Gathering requirements – Towards a global, standards-based AMI



MI 4 2005 AN OpenAmiThe OpenAMI Task Force was launched under the umbrella of UCA International in January 2005, with the mission of fostering open standards for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The OpenAMI Task Force now has more than 200 members worldwide and is an active forum.


By following well established technical specification development processes, the OpenAMI Task Force is creating a set of documents that will define open, standards-based information/data models, reference designs, component level interface definitions, security specifications, and interoperability specifications/guidelines for advanced metering networks and demand response solutions (AMI systems). The Task Force is making progress towards its first deliverable, the OpenAMI Common Requirements Specification document. The requirements are based on input gathered from participating utilities and stakeholders, and are captured in the form of use cases.
A use case is a sequence of events that describes one way to use a particular system. The use cases consist of a comprehensive text description and associated technical diagram. Once these use cases are completely defined in detail, they will help identify the true requirements of the system. This method allows for consistency checkpoints and effective team work. At this stage of the specification development process, OpenAMI has defined a recommended set of design principles and a minimum set of network and application level domains, including the common interface boundaries for advanced metering networks and demand response solutions.


The OpenAMI is not a standards group. Rather, the OpenAMI Task Force is an industry-wide organisation comprised of utility, vendor, and individual members, whose primary mission is to foster enhanced functionality, lower costs and rapid customer adoption of advanced metering networks and demand response solutions. OpenAMI recommended specification documents will be contributed to formal standards bodies for their consideration. OpenAMI is actively building liaisons with working groups within the IETF, IEC, ANSI C12, Multispeak and the smart meter initiative in Ontario, Canada.


Several OpenAMI working sessions have been scheduled through May 2006. The next working session will take place on December 7th, 2005, in the US. The updated list of meetings and agendas is available on the website. Please note that you can also contribute to each topic of your interest on the collaborative part of the website.
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