Wireless telecommunications company AGE develop meters with AT&T at FoundryT&T is working with GE to develop smart metering and smart grid applications for the industrial Internet of Things.

Under the agreement, the two companies are working on solutions for smart grid and machine to machine communications, said John Lavelle, vice president of GE Digital Energy.

Mr Lavelle said the two companies are “propelling our shared vision for a more cohesive energy network. In short, we are connecting brilliant machines to the industrial internet.”

At AT&T’s internet of things foundry in Plano, Texas, the pair are working on new technologies including an advanced meter solution that merges GE’s smart meters and wireless solutions with AT&T’s  cellular technology.

The solution is being piloted with two North American renewable energy customers, the companies said in a statement.

Smart grid applications

Smart grid solutions will use GE’s Grid IQ SaaS platform to deliver system intelligence, GE Wireless solutions for asset connectivity, and the AT&T network for secure and seamless data transport – each working in tandem to enable easy integration of advanced applications.

GE and AT&T will look to market and sell these solutions to customers in 2015.

Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, at AT&T Mobility said: “We are continuing to innovate, find new ways to work together and bring opportunities to the marketplace.

“We see our pilot projects as just a precursor for what’s to come.”

The research and development work builds on a global alliance agreement signed by the two companies in 2013.

Many of GE’s machines and assets, such as locomotives, fleet, aircraft engines and, most recently, smart grid infrastructure, are connected through the AT&T global network.