GE and Sensus collaborate on new C&I meter


Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 7, 2011 – GE and Sensus are collaborating to manufacture and deliver commercial and industrial (C&I) electricity metering technology as part of a new international collaboration between the two companies.

The new meter, branded as the Sensus iCON APX FlexNet C&I meter, will be built on GE’s kV2c C&I meter platform and integrated with the Sensus FlexNet radio to deliver customer demanded accuracy, reliability and quality for Sensus AMI deployments.

“Working with GE extends the Sensus C&I meter portfolio to include more meter forms, enhanced feature set and immediate time to market,” said Chuck Armatys, electric industry strategic marketing manager. “This collaboration is the first step in offering GE meter technology to Sensus customers worldwide.”

The new iCON APX meter uses the broad portfolio of GE technology in the C&I space and will incorporate several new integrated features such as remote upgradability, remote feature updates and true ANSI C12.19 data reporting. The collaboration between the two companies will enable Sensus to expand its offerings to include both the ANSI and IEC C&I solutions to meet customer needs quickly and effectively.

“Utilities are looking for innovative automatic meter reading solutions to apply to their residential and commercial metering applications, and GE and Sensus are delivering with the new Sensus iCON APX FlexNet C&I meter,” added Luke Clemente, general manager of metering – digital energy for GE Energy Services.