GE Renewable reveals the world’s biggest wind turbine


GE Renewable Energy has revealed the first manufactured components for the 12MW Haliade-X, offshore wind turbine, which GE claims is the biggest offshore turbine in the world at 260 meters in height, and with a rotor diameter of 220 meters.

The company showed the first nacelle for the gigantic turbine, a prototype which will be shipped from France to Rotterdam-Maasvlakte in the Netherlands, where it will be tested onshore, giving easier access to the turbine than if deployed offshore.

A second nacelle is being assembled for use in “actual operational conditions” at a UK site.

John Lavelle, the CEO of GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind, said the firm was “on track to start commercialising this new product very shortly.”

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The new turbine is larger than its closest competitor, the 10MW Vestas V164-9.5 MW wind turbine which has been considered the biggest since its launch in 2014. Although the V164-9.5 was upgraded to 10MW, it falls a full 2MW short of the Haliade-X, and at 220 meters in height, falls a full 40 meters short of it’s new neighbour.