Georgia Power completes digital meter rollout


Paul Bowers,
President and CEO,
Georgia Power
Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 27, 2012 – Georgia Power has just installed its final digital meter in South Georgia, in what is the culmination of a six-year initiative that began in January 2007 to roll out digital meters to its 2.4 million customers.

Metadigm Services, which managed the deployment to replace customers’ mechanical meters with digital meters, began in north Georgia working their way around the state to the final installation in Bainbridge, Ga. An average of 50-60 workers have installed more than 2,000 digital meters daily since the project began.

“This milestone reflects our ongoing commitment to provide world-class service to Georgia Power’s 2.4 million customers,” said president and CEO Paul Bowers. “With advanced metering technology, Georgia Power is notified instantly about customer outages, which helps expedite power restoration, improves maintenance and enables the company to respond more quickly to customer service requests, all while saving customers money.”

With the installation of the digital meters and their remote reading, Georgia Power has reduced 14 million miles of travel throughout the state by taking nearly 300 vehicles off the road, greatly reducing vehicle emissions, according to a company statement. The digital meters also have been instrumental in helping to detect meter tampering to deter electricity theft.

Future services will include "My Energy," which will allow customers to view their energy usage online, as well as access demand side management programs, power outage notification and innovative rate options.

In the state of Georgia, the 2.4 million meters installed by Georgia Power brings the total number of digital meters installed by gas, water and other electric companies to a total of 6 million.