Glendale Water & Power pilots digital photo frame to display smart meter data


Glenn Steiger,
General Manager,
Glendale Water
& Power
Glendale, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 7, 2011 – In partnership with a local businessman and the internet connected digital photo frame manufacturer Ceiva, Glendale Water & Power is piloting the use of digital photo frames to display electricity and water usage in order to engage customers with the city’s smart grid technology.

The digital photo frames are configured to connect with the utility’s network. Screens showing the energy and water usage appear between the photos loaded on the frame.

“I think [the frame] is going to revolutionize smart grid because … it’s going to get customers really engaged,” said Glenn Steiger, general manager of Glendale Water & Power, quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Times. “That’s the point – people need to be engaged for it to work.”

Around 50 frames are due to be distributed in the pilot and volunteers to participate are currently being sought.

Glendale Water & Power has installed more than 81,100 electric meters and 32,600 water meters in its AMI rollout, with just 2,500 meters to go to complete the installation.