Open automated demand response took a step closer to a widespread rollout with an agreement between two global specification alliances.

US-based OpenADR Alliance will work with Wi-SUN Alliance to enable interoperability between smart utility networks and utility demand response programmes.

Barry Haaser, managing director of OpenADR Alliance, said: “It is important to enable interoperability between the two specifications to provide seamless connectivity between Wi-SUN-based smart utility networks and OpenADR-based automated demand response programs.”

Phil Beecher, chairman, Wi-SUN Alliance, said: “This agreement will help energy providers deploy smart utility networks and automated demand response programs cost effectively and with confidence.

“The two industry standards are highly complementary, offering utility companies more flexibility in their demand response and energy management program offerings.”

OpenADR and Wi-SUN will collaborate with their respective members and will offer incentives to encourage joint participation in complementary activities.

OpenADR Alliance was formed in 2010 by US industry stakeholders to support the development, testing and deployment of commercial OpenADR.

Wi-SUN Alliance is an association of equipment manufacturers worldwide. The remit is to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power wireless utility products based on open global standard IEEE 802.15.4g.

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