Global spending on AMI market to increase to US$28bn by 2018


The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market is estimated to grow from US$15.89 billion from 2013 to US$28.45 billion by 2018, according to research company Micromarket Monitor.

The research sees the North American AMI market as one of the emerging markets with growth estimated from US$5.16 billion in 2013 to US$8.99 billion by 2018.

The governing bodies in North America are making aggressive plans for the smart grid investments and for this, the advanced metering infrastructure market is on the verge of starting mass installations.

Latin America AMI market

While in Latin America, where key providers are identified as ItronSensus, Silver Spring Network and Elster, the reports find that the water metering market has good potential.

‘Time-to-use’ rates have been adopted by water providers in Latin America to encourage the shifting of outdoor watering to cooler times in the day during high evaporation periods. This helps the water utilities to keep a track of the consumption of water and control the water delivery.

European AMI market

The AMI market in Europe is growing due to the constant check on the energy and resources consumption by the AMI enabled meters. As a result, the region is reducing the use of non renewable energy resources such as coal, says the research.

The Europe Advanced Metering Infrastructure Market is estimated to grow US$5.19 billion from 2013 to $10.20 billion by 2018.