Great River Energy to deploy OATI demand response solution

Minnesota's Great River Energy has chosen to implement OATI's demand response management technology to effectively integrate demand-side capabilities into its operations.

Over the next several months, Great River Energy will be moving over to the OATI webDistribute system for initiating load control management for their  28 member co-operatives.

According to a release, the OATI webDistribute system will allow Great River Energy to forecast increasingly accurate demand response (DR) capabilities for various demand side assets in harmony with their member co-ops including; water heaters, pumps, space heaters, energy thermal storage devices, electric vehicle chargers, and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for customer owned generators.

The solution will also allow the utility to manually create and schedule events. Events can also be initiated automatically based on time-of-day or system conditions.  OATI webDistribute provides “after-the-fact” performance reporting for the overall system or each member cooperative, based on metering data.

“The new system will give Great River Energy significant scheduling flexibility for managing their Load Reduction programs in support of their 28 member co-ops,” said Behnam Danai, senior director, OATI Smart Grid Solution Architect.

Demand response

The release adds that the new OATI webSmartEnergyDERMS solution incorporates OATI webDistribute functionality that allows utilities to monitor, control, schedule, and manage DR and distributed energy resources, and with webDistribute in production, expands the use of DERMS functionality to more than 70 entities.

Furthermore, the company claims that The solution offers tools and advanced functionality to integrate demand-side capabilities into distribution, transmission, and market operations for improved supply economics and enhanced reliability.

OATI has previously supplied Great River Energy with OATI webCompliance, which helps the utility proactively improve overall efficiency and reliability.

Another utility, American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP) in Ohio, partnered with OATI to enhance its demand response (DR) capabilities.

In a combined statement, OATI said the integration of its webDistribute platform in AEP’s grid network aims to help the utility enhance the management of its commercial and industrial loads in PJM’s Emergency Market.

The PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission network of wholesale electricity connecting Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia to serve some 61 million consumers. Read more …


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