Green Energy Corp announces release of GreenBus 2.0 to improve interoperability of smart grid


Peter Gregory, CEO,
Green Energy Corp
June 3, 2011 – Green Energy Corp, a software technology company that enables traditional and emerging power providers to move to the Smart Grid, today announced the release of its Smart Grid platform, GreenBus® 2.0. Several customers have already adopted the latest release, including the National Science Foundation FREEDM Center and Piedmont Electric of North Carolina

GreenBus 2.0 contains powerful new bundled applications such as a GUI- based Data Viewer & Controller, Dynamic Load Reduction Control (DLRC), Data Historian & Trending, Alarming and Reporting. GreenBus supports other Smart Grid application developers to build on its core functions, to shorten development cycles and to provide open application interoperability.

At the heart of the GreenBus is a fault tolerant, distributed database that captures and manages high volume, real-time field device data. Applications can now make use of previously inaccessible grid data, and can share this data securely with other applications without manual intervention. With this new access to grid intelligence and coordinated applications, utilities are able to make the promise of the Smart Grid a reality.

"When we move to a fully modernized grid, electric power utilities will be seeing 3,000 to 10,000 times more data than they see today," says Jesse Berst, founding editor of Smart Grid News. "A common utility platform can help a utility manage this problem if combined with the ability to capture and manage the data surge."

GreenBus 2.0 is designed to support MultiSpeak® interfaces for Milsoft, NISC and Powel applications as well as SCADA, AMI/MDM, OMS, CIS and IVR from other vendors. These applications can access operations data using the single GreenBus 2.0 API instead of developing multiple custom connectors. GreenBus 2.0 is available on a subscription basis and is delivered via a secure cloud.

"GreenBus 2.0 is a key milestone in expanding how we meet today’s need for improved interoperability," said Peter Gregory, CEO of Green Energy Corp. "Our open-source strategy enables us to expand GreenBus capabilities faster, allowing our customers to leverage an adaptive approach to grid operations."

GreenBus provides a pathway for utilities to incrementally adopt smart technology without disrupting the performance of today’s grid. Green Energy Corp is a member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and part of the MultiSpeak Initiative.