Green Mountain Power considers smart meters

Colchester, VT, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 7, 2007 – Vermont-based Green Mountain Power Corp. (GMP) has been trialing an AMR system using drive-by technology, but now the utility is considering a move to smart metering, with a pilot project already underway.

The pilot project involves the deployment of meters offering two-way communication that will send and receive information to monitor load and customer usage, provide customer information, and help the company with outage issues. Various communication media, including wireless, power line cable, fiber, and cell phones are being considered. Many of the company’s customers live in remote areas, and the final technology choice will be made according to which one works best in a particular area.

GMP hopes to have deployed smart meters at the homes or businesses of all its 92,000 customers within three years. A monitor displaying information will also be installed at each home or business, to encourage customers to be more aware of the need for conservation measures. The company has already introduced several programs that provide customers with a way to neutralize their carbon footprint.