Green Mountain Power launches eSmartwater programme


Through its new programme, the utility encourages all its customers the energy revolution by reducing energy use, saving money and helping GMP reduce peak energy demand, reports a local news source.

eSmartwater programme includes the use of a smart water heater controller that lets clients save money when they do not need to heat water.

The Aquanta smart water heater controller gets installed on an existing water heater “to bring it out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to provide convenient control and hot water usage information.”

Green Mountain Power’s new programme also includes a Nest Learning Thermostat to help reduce overall energy costs.

“This is another step forward in radically transforming the grid to a system that is more cost-effective and home-, business- and community-based,” said Green Mountain Power president and CEO Mary Powell. “As an energy transformation company, GMP is committed to leveraging the latest technologies to drive down costs for customers, while empowering customers to increase comfort and reduce fossil fuel use. This new program builds on our work with Tesla and others to shave peak demand costs, saving money and reducing reliance on the bulk grid system.”

The Mountain Time says that the eSmartwater programme is only 0.99 cents per month for both the Aquanta and Nest Thermostat.

“As part of the programme, GMP will be able to lower costs for all customers by leveraging water heaters during periods of peak energy demand, when energy is the most
expensive. The Nest Thermostat alone saves an average of $131 to $145 in annual savings per customer. GMP will partner with local contractors for installation.”

Green Mountain Power partners with Tesla

In other news, Green Mountain Power (GMP) partnered with Tesla to improve the efficiency of its grid network using battery energy storage.

Under the partnership, Tesla will develop a single energy storage system for the Vermont utility, as well as deploy some 2,000 residential energy storage batteries. Read more…

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