Greenlots to help Electrify America operate 2,000 EV chargers


Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure investment company Electrify America has selected EV smart charging solutions firm Greenlots to deliver an operating system to control a network of EV fast chargers across the US.

Greenlots will provide its SKY Network Operating Platform for use as a virtual command center to monitor and operate some 2,000 EV chargers which Electrify America is developing in California and 38 other states.

Electrify America is developing the 2,000 EV chargers using $500 million in investment under the first phase of the company’s EV infrastructure development initiative.

Electrify America will invests $2 billion in EV infrastructure development in highways and metropolitan areas over the next ten years to increase adoption of EVs and their use for long distances.

SKY Network Operating Platform will enable Electrify America to access real time data regarding charger health status, utilisation data, dynamic pricing capabilities and predictive analytics to identify future maintenance.

The operating system will enable EV drivers to locate the closest charger, receive notifications of their charging status and quickly make payments with their mobile device or through vehicle authentication.

Mark McNabb, CEO of Electrify America, said: “Our goal is to build the most advanced high-power charging network in the U.S. – one that demonstrates the future of alternative transportation.

“We chose Greenlots because their SKYTMNetwork Operating Platform is a scalable, flexible foundation to develop our own networking system that integrates dozens of new EV models, thousands of new EV chargers and other distributed energy resources with the grid.”

Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots. added: “This investment is essential to moving the industry forward, as we work together to redefine what a charging network can be and how it can best serve drivers.”


Image credit: Stock.