GreenPeak launches new smart home sensor

GreenPeak introduces new smart home sensor
The new smart Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor can be integrated for use in home monitoring, smart HVAC or smart lighting applications

Global semiconductor and smart home company GreenPeak has introduced a new addition to its smart home portfolio – a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor for home monitoring, smart HVAC systems or smart lighting.

According to GreenPeak, the reference design of the PIR motion detector can enable application developers to build a ZigBee-enabled motion sensor, ready to be produced with GreenPeak’s original design manufacturers and integrated into smart home applications.

Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak, commented: “The motion detector is one of the corner stones of many smart home applications.

“Our engineers have optimized the reference design to combine the three features that really matter in a PIR sensor: long battery life, low cost and full room coverage. We leave it up to the application developers to create the exciting applications around it that truly make our lives more comfortable and safe.”

PIR sensor technology

Based on GreenPeak’s GP490 ZigBee communication chip, the PIR reference design “uses the patented antenna diversity mechanism for enhanced wireless range and full home coverage”.

The motion sensor provides detection performance for full room coverage, required by several smart home applications. The sensor dismisses movements by household pets, eliminating false alarms.

The reference design includes the necessary tools and examples to implement a ZigBee PIR montion sensor application.

GreenPeak adds that the PIR reference design kit includes “an example motion sensor application, including the ZigBee stack and all necessary application specific components is included. Software Development tools (IDE, debugger) and a set of user manuals and application notes are included as well. To assist during the HW development, GreenPeak provides a set of reference layout and schematic files.”

Creating a single smart home platform

Meanwhile, ABB, Robert Bosch and Cisco Systems have announced a new joint venture in a bid to develop an open-software platform to unify standalone solutions for home automation to enable interoperability across devices.

The joint venture company – Mozaiq Operations – will develop the platform, which the companies envision will combine the Internet of Things, making it easier for a wide range of home energy management applications to communicate with each other.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s Low Voltage Products Division, said: “This joint effort to develop an open-software platform for smart homes fits perfectly with ABB’s strategy to leverage the expanding opportunities of the Internet of Things, Services and People for consumers and companies alike.”