Grid automation: BRS Labs unveils predictive solution for SCADA systems


US software company Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) has launched an artificial intelligence analytics solutions for SCADA systems to help control-room operators recognise abnormal, unusual or unexpected conditions in energy production or other SCADA-enabled facilities.

BRS Labs has added AISight for SCADA to its range of solutions that teach themselves to recognise and alert on unexpected patterns within massive volumes of sensor data.

Ray Davis, chief executive officer of BRS Labs, commented on the new technology: “The days of waiting for alarms are over.

“With AISight, control room operators can recognise changes in operating conditions as they develop.

He added: “It’s like ‘Super SCADA’ – true real-time, reason-based analytics using all the data from tens of thousands of sensors in an energy production facility.”

The product also claims to help operators focus on overall system health, as well as identify opportunities for better supervision and control, by expanding the number of SCADA data sensors under active analysis.

Historical data is also analysed and correlated with current conditions, accelerating response times for rapidly changing situations, said BRS Labs.

AISight for SCADA is part of BRS Labs’ AISight Everywhere platform, a centralised system with modules for intelligent video analytics, intelligent alerting and operations assistance for SCADA, network security, big data analytics, building services and other core business functions.

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