Grid automation: National Grid adopts ABB’s SCADA system

Control room SCADA for network management
Grid automation: National Grid has deployed ABB’s network management system to upgrade its control centres on the US east coast

US electrical utility National Grid has completed installation of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system with Swiss automation company ABB supplying the technology.

The new project involves upgrades to National Grid’s transmission and distribution control centres in upstate New York and Massachusetts in a bid to standardise systems with the use of ABB’s network management solutions.

The utility said deployment of the integrated solution is expected to increase reliability of the grid and strengthen service to its 3.4 million energy customers on the US east coast.

The Swiss company was responsible for design, engineering, software, hardware and system implementation of the SCADA/energy management system, along with its related services.

System integration capabilities of the solution include the use of Common Information Model, system redundancy and scope for expansion.

The SCADA system is also equipped with capabilities that can assist the US utility to meet its cyber security requirements (NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection).

Expanding role in smart grid arena

ABB has increased its presence in the smart grid space over the past three months with deals spanning rural microgrids and home automation.

In May 2015 ABB scooped a deal to deploy a rural smart grid on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea with the aim of integrating a high volume of wind power into the distribution system.

As part of phase one of the project, ABB is building a 10 kilovolt smart substation in the village of Källunge using the company Unigear Digital switchgear technology.

ABB will then install an advanced distribution management system and supervisory control and data acquisition system to collect and analyse data from the substation and rural grid.

The contract also includes supply of switches with feedback functionality and equipping disconnectors with remote surveillance and control capabilities.

Home automation solution

In March 2015, ABB teamed with Robert Bosch and Cisco Systems have announced a new joint venture in a bid to develop an open-software platform to unify standalone solutions for home automation to enable interoperability across devices.

The joint venture company – Mozaiq Operations – will develop the platform, which the companies envision will combine the Internet of Things, making it easier for a wide range of home energy management applications to communicate with each other.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s Low Voltage Products Division, said: “This joint effort to develop an open-software platform for smart homes fits perfectly with ABB’s strategy to leverage the expanding opportunities of the Internet of Things, Services and People for consumers and companies alike.”

According to ABB, consumers will be able to “seamlessly and intuitively tailor their appliances and devices, regardless of brand, to deliver an unprecedented level of control, comfort and significantly improve energy efficiency.”