Trilliant launch SEAL for data integration

North American smart grid company GRID20/20 has received a US$1.7 million grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s for a demonstration project with two Canadian utilities.

GRID20/20 will install its distribution transformer monitoring (DTM) intra-grid sensors throughout target areas of the Ontario-based utilities’ distribution grids with the aim of improving smart grid optimization practices.

Through its OptaNODE DTM intra-grid sensors, the company will demonstrate outage notification, transformer asset health monitoring, preventive maintenance awareness, detection of additional renewable resources added to the grid, management of bi-directional power influx to avoid grid destabilization as well as unmetered power loss identification.

Ontario smart grid

Alan Snook, president of GRID20/20, commented: “We are tremendously grateful to the Ontario Ministry of Energy for recognizing the benefits of our pioneering technology.

“At a time when traditional one-way power distribution is becoming antiquated, infrastructure is ageing, and power delivery expectations are escalating, we are confident that GRID20/20 will meaningfully assist in the ongoing smart grid revolution while adding economic benefits to the Ontario market.”

The demonstration project begins during Q3 2014  and will continue through November 2015.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund is designed to support the emergence and evolution of key technologies and services that will drive meaningful electricity delivery advancements for Ontario.