GridWise Alliance helps US utilities shape future of grid with new action plan


In the US, utilities are being given the chance to contribute to a roadmap for grid and energy delivery reform prepared by a national coalition for electric system modernisation – GridWise Alliance. 

The alliance launched a blueprint last week titled – Grid of the future transitional action plan – which comprises four prescriptive reports based on members’ points of view on the practical steps, best practices, regulatory changes and metrics to drive progress in grid modernisation.

Developed over the next 12 to 24 months, the studies will cover key areas of transformation including ‘The Future Role of the Grid’, ‘The Utility Business Model of the Future’, ‘The Regulatory Model of the Future’, and ‘The Path Forward: Transition to the Future’.

Vision of the future grid

The action plan builds on a series of workshops hosted by the GridWise Alliance and the U.S. Department of Energy over the past nine months. The workshops focused on developing a vision of the role of the grid and grid operators in the year 2030.

GridWise Alliance grid modernisation

Becky Harrison, CEO of the GridWise Alliance, said: “While stakeholders know the grid must evolve to meet changing energy needs, a gap exists regarding how to transform the grid. With the Transitional Action Plan, the GridWise Alliance will lead industry stakeholders in determining the necessary steps to create the grid of the future.

“The GridWise Alliance’s diverse membership – including utilities, large tech companies, academia, venture capitalists and emerging tech companies – is uniquely positioned to develop this plan.”

Bob Shapard, chairman of the GridWise Alliance board of directors, and chairman and CEO of Oncor Electric Delivery, said: “With the Transitional Action Plan, we look forward to helping to unlock the value of moving from our industrial-age electric grid into the information age.”