Growth Is Fuelled By Need For Standards and Support For Members


First some statistics: In 2005, 17 new members joined, giving a net growth of ten. Today the DLMS UA has 76 members, including four associated members – organisations having similar interests to ours. While the DLMS UA started in Europe, it has now become an organisation with global membership, with a lot of growth from the Middle East and the Far East. This is clear proof that utilities, meter manufacturers and system providers do realise the benefits of international standards when it comes to investment in systems for meter data exchange, and that DLMS/COSEM meets their needs. The distribution of membership in geographical terms is as follows: Continents: Africa (1), America (2), Asia (14), Australia (2) and Europe (57). Countries: Australia (2), Belgium (1), Bosnia & Herzegovina (1), Canada (1), China (4), Czech Republic (2), Germany (12), Denmark (2), Finland (1), France (6), Greece (2), Hun-gary (2), Indonesia (1), India (2), Italy (2), Japan (1), Korea (2), South Korea (3), Lithuania (1), Republic of Moldova (1), Netherlands (2), Poland (4), Portugal (2), Russia (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Serbia & Montenegro (1), Slovak Republic (1), Slovenia (1), South
Africa (1), Spain (3), Sweden (1), Switzerland (4), Turkey (1), Ukraine (1), UK (2), USA (1).

New vendors are busy implementing the specification. The year 2005 also saw the first DLMS/COSEM-compliant meters developed and tested in Asia. To date, more than 20 cer-tificates have been issued. And during the year the DLMS UA was designated by the IEC as a registration authority for the IEC 62056 series of standards. In addition to this service, we maintain the standards, answer questions and run the conformance-testing scheme. The training seminars are another important element of the support we are providing to our current and potential members. Seminars have been run in nine different countries since 2002, and more than 200 experts have been trained. We believe that the support provided by the DLMS UA, including the maintenance of the in-ternational standards, the training seminars, answering questions and the conformancetesting scheme, has helped us to grow. We are therefore committed to serve the industry and our members even better in 2006 by adding new, innovative elements to the specification and im-proving the support services. Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at Pre-de-la-Fontaine 19, CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland, email:, or visit our website