Guam puts AMR into motion


Agana, Guam — (METERING.COM) — August 28, 2006 – The Guam Waterworks Authority has today announced that it will resume the AMR water meter change-outs throughout the country, in conjunction with contractors KGI.

David Craddick, General Manager of GWA, said: “The benefit of switching meters to this new system is that all meters will be electronically read monthly and will reduce the number of meters misread. Additionally, GWA can easily determine illegal tampering, illegal hook-ups, and water loss.”

The project, which began in April of this year, also requires customers to have a shut-off valve within 18” of the meter, to keep dirty water out of customers’ lines when GWA works on its system, and to allow customers to shut off their lines when they need to repair a leak. The new meters will be supplied free of charge, but the shut-off valve will be charged for.

According to GWA, between 75 and 100 meters will be replaced daily for the next 400 days, and the whole project will cost the utility an estimated US$14 million. Unaccounted-for water loss is expected to be reduced by over 20%, and the fact that meter readers will be able to read more than 3000 meters a day, compared with the previous 180 per day, will allow the GWA will be able to focus more on infrastructure upgrades and speedy repairs.