Canadian utility kickstarts rollout of 84,000 smart water meters


In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, Halifax Water has started deploying smart water meters at mass scale.

The utility is investing $25.4 million towards the installation of 84,000 smart water meters through to 2020.

The advanced metering infrastructure is being implemented in partnership with Neptune Technology.

The project follows the success of a pilot conducted last year with a few hundred customers.

The two-way communication meters will improve interaction between the utility and its customers resulting in improved customer services. For instance, improved communication between the two will ensure water leaks and other customer queries are addressed in time.

Consumers will be able to access real-time water usage data online, a development which drives an increase in consumer water efficiency and reduction in water bills.

According to a statement, the smart meters initiative will “reduce the utility’s environmental footprint and fuel costs through decreased vehicle travel; introduce monthly billing; upgrade water infrastructure; and modernize business processes to improve overall utility efficiency.”

The project is part of Halifax Water’s Customer Connect initiative in which the utility is planning to upgrade its technologies and modernise its infrastructure.


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