Harare City Council regulates smart water meter adoption


According to reports, the enacted Harare Smart Water Meters By-Law regulates the application, installation, use and maintenance of smart water meters.

The law is expected to help the Harare City Council to simplify the implementation of its smart water meters programme.

Over the past year, the city council has been piloting the use of these meters to help consumers improve their water efficiency and improve revenue collection through debt recovery and reductions in non-revenue water.

Government awareness on the benefits of smart water meters led to the approval of a decree stipulating all city councils to install prepaid water meters and recover over $1 billion of unpaid revenue. [Zimbabwe begins mass rollout of smart prepaid water meters].

The approval of the law follows an announcement made by the Harare City Council that it will be deploying some 100,000 smart water meters in the western suburbs.

In drafting the law, officials at the council say they made use of lessons learnt from smart water meter projects implemented in South Africa and how the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority is installing its smart meters.

The law states that the meters will be installed free of charge to consumers and will remain property of the city council, which will also provide maintenance services of the new metering system.

The policy says consumers with outstanding rates will have their balances carried over to the new metering system and will pay their credits in instalments.

Smart water funding

Meanwhile, in the US, the Environmental Protection Agency has awarded Vermont state with $14.7 million to fund water infrastructure projects.

According to a statement, the $14.7 million will be directed towards the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programmes to upgrade sewage and drinking water systems.

In Nevada state, EPA has also awarded more than $19.5 million to help the state modernise drinking water and wastewater infrastructure improvements and water pollution reduction programmes.

“Investing in drinking water and wastewater infrastructure helps communities provide clean, safe drinking water and proper wastewater treatment,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. “Water resources are vital for public health and Nevada’s economy.”


Image Credit: 123rf