Hawaii aims for 100% RE with new distributed energy council

distributed energy
Hawaii has established a new council for the promotion and development of behind-the-meter solutions, towards its goal of 100% RE generation by 2045

In the US, Hawaii has created the Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii (DERC Hawaii) to represent distributed energy resources and smart grid companies as the island state aims to achieve 100% renewable generation by 2045.

In a statement, the organisation said it is the first US association to exclusively represent behind-the-meter, distributed energy resources.

DERC’s member companies include battery energy storage system provider E-gear, microinverter manufacturer Enphase, and energy consulting firm Hygrid.

Dawn Lippert, director of the Energy Excelerator, a programme of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research for energy entrepreneurial start-ups in Hawaii, said: “The utility landscape is changing and we need new technology companies at the table in order to help our utilities transform to a clean energy future.

“We hope DERC will work with policy makers, utilities and regulators to pave the way for new jobs, innovation and collaboration in Hawaii’s energy sector.”

Behind-the-meter tech

Council members’ behind-the-meter technologies and solutions are said to be “integral to the sustainable development of the electricity sector in Hawaii”.

DERC members will work with stakeholders to achieve common goals, as well as take part in activities initiated by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission to engage in relevant legislative opportunities, the association said.

Hawaii energy efficiency programme

Just recently, state utility Hawaii Energy and US-based software-as-a-service company Opower announced plans to extend the Opower energy efficiency programme to 250,000 residential customers across the Central Pacific Island.

The Opower Energy Efficiency programme has reportedly helped customers save over US$5 million on their energy bills.

The programme will be extended to an additional 110,000 additional customers.

Opower’s energy efficiency programme includes home energy reports (HERs), providing Hawaii Energy’s customers with detailed energy usage information, giving them the tools to monitor their energy consumption over time, said Hawaii Energy’s Programme Director, Ray Starling.

He said: “Battling one of the nation’s highest costs of living, Hawaii Energy’s priority continues to be to empower residents with personalized energy information so we can each take action to decrease electric usage and bills.

“By working together, we can also reduce our state’s dependence on imported oil  to generate electricity.”

So far, the programme has resulted in 18.1 million kWh in energy savings, equivalent to US$5.43m in energy cost savings.

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