Hawaii creates ‘energy-smart university’ with new IoT platform


The University of Hawaii has installed an energy internet of things (IoT) platform to create an ‘energy-smart university’ at ten of its campuses.

The project was in partnership with Blue Pillar, and funded by Elemental Excelerator to help the university achieve a net zero energy university system by 2035.

The university’s office of energy management uses the energy IoT platform to access real-time equipment energy use data. The platform enables the collection of over 2,600 new data points every second.

The energy IoT platform collects data from more than 30 energy-intensive buildings to optimise energy data management, energy efficiency and to help the university to expand its renewable energy portfolio.

The university has used collected data to reduce the amount of human hours needed for monthly inspections, meter readings, and manual data input.

The system is integrated with:

  • Utility substation monitoring
  • 75 multi-building electric sub-meters
  • 30 building automation systems from multiple manufacturers
  • 44 solar photovoltaic systems and solar inverters

Miles Topping, director of energy management for the University of Hawaiʻi’s Office of Sustainability, said: “One of the first steps in strategic energy management is getting control of your data. This project allowed us to do that.

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure, so now that we can see what’s working efficiently and what’s not, we will be able to make better decisions. Having this data at our fingertips is a turning point for sustainability and energy performance at UH.”