Helping Delaware customers save energy


Patrick E. McCullar,
President & CEO,
Delaware, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 27, 2008 – Nine cities in the state of Delaware have cost-effectively added energy conservation information to their web sites by working together through the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, Inc. (DEMEC). DEMEC is a public corporation constituted as a Joint Action Agency and a wholesale electric utility, representing nine municipal electric distribution utilities in the State. The nine are offering free online tools and resources to help customers conserve energy and learn how to manage their home energy use.

The Internet-based software, called Energy Depot®, provides valuable tools including online energy audits, energy calculators, energy library, and FAQs. It is a product of Enercom®, Inc. a provider of energy software.

“The online energy audit software allows us to provide a solution to a common need of our customers in our communities,” said DEMEC President & CEO Patrick E. McCullar. “This tool allows them to better understand their energy consumption and offers options to become more efficient in their energy use. DEMEC is committed to adding new services that meet the needs of our member utilities and their customers.”

The rising awareness of energy cost and the impact on the environment have increased the demand for home energy audits and other energy information. DEMEC’s member utilities wanted to provide their customers with educational resources to help conserve energy. Working together through DEMEC enabled the cities to purchase the online energy software in a cost-effective manner.

Customers can use Energy Depot to:

  • Receive a personalized energy profile with an estimate of their energy costs for each home energy system/appliance
  • Learn specific things they can do to reduce energy use and save money
  • Complete a do-it-yourself home energy audit and receive the report online
  • Quickly estimate the annual energy use and cost of home energy systems and appliances with the Energy Calculator
  • Compare existing heating and cooling systems, or water heaters, to a range of new systems, or compare two new systems to each other.