Helping software vendors optimize their pricing strategy


Conor Halpin,
Boston, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 14, 2007 – LeCayla Technologies, a software metering and billing solution provider, and MarketShare, a software pricing consultancy, have teamed up to offer two new services to help software vendors optimize their pricing strategy. The services will allow SaaS (software as a service) vendors accelerate their time to profit.

SaaS Kick Start is aimed at early stage companies, while SaaS Transition is aimed at established companies adding an SaaS offering to their existing product set. Both packages focus on packaging, pricing, and economic modeling appropriate to the role of SaaS within the company.

The pricing services will be provided by MarketShare, and will be jointly marketed by MarketShare and LeCayla.

LeCayla provides a software metering and billing service that enables software publishers to quickly and easily introduce on-demand pricing. The company’s products enable software publishers considering SaaS to test, develop, and refine their pricing models before bringing them to market. Software publishers who are ready to offer an on-demand application can use LeCayla’s technology to deliver their offering immediately.

"Pricing is the number one go-to-market obstacle we are seeing with our SaaS clients" according to Conor Halpin, CEO of LeCayla. "By working with MarketShare, we can help our customers identify their optimum pricing model and get them to market, and to profit, quickly".

"SaaS companies that align their pricing effort early on with the billing system are better positioned to have the flexibility they need to improve their revenues." said Jim Geisman, Founder and Principal of MarketShare. "Without this early collaboration, companies try and force-fit pricing and billing together and limit their upside revenue potential."