Helping utilities understand the intelligent grid


Guido Bartels,
GridWise Alliance
Framingham, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 11, 2007 – Energy Insights, an IDC company providing research-based advisory and consulting services focused on market and technology developments in the electricity, natural gas, and oil industries, now offers research coverage dedicated to helping utilities and technology providers understand the complex dynamics of the rapidly evolving intelligent grid market.

The Intelligent Grid Strategies research and advisory service will explore the business and regulatory impacts of emerging intelligent grid technologies and provide innovative strategies such as distributed energy resources. Technologies covered will include sensors, smart metering, network automation and control, analytics, and communications technologies such as broadband over power lines (BPL) and WiFi/WiMAX.

H. Christine Richards, lead research analyst for the service, says: “Many in the utility industry are greeting the concept of the intelligent grid with optimism, but there are still many uncertainties about the ultimate direction and feasibility of intelligent grid initiatives.”

To that end, Energy Insights has also joined the GridWise Alliance, a consortium of public and private companies that seeks to transform the electric grid using technology to make it more efficient, cost-effective, resilient, secure and reliable. Guido Bartels, chairman of the GridWise Alliance, said: “We’re thrilled to have Energy Insights join us in our efforts to bring our industrial-age electric grid into the information age. Members like Energy Insights recognize that major innovations are at hand that will radically transform and improve the efficient use of the nation’s energy system.”

Energy Insights is publishing a three-part report series that studies different strategies utilities are using to tackle critical intelligent grid needs, including communications, sensors and analytics. The first two reports, Moving Beyond the Hype: The Future of the Intelligent Grid, and Should You Really Mind the Gap? Bridging the Intelligent Grid Gap Between the Substation and the Meter, have already appeared; the third report in the series will be published in November.