High power solution available

Hunt Technologies, a global supplier of AMI and AMR technology, has announced the commercial availability of the high power AirPoint™ module for the GE 1-210 meter. This integrated endpoint is fully compatible with the Itron Mobile Collection System™ 1.0 and 2.0, and offers the first high power solution with the flexibility to optimise its use in customerspecific applications.

Seamlessly integrated into the meter, the endpoint allows utilities to program a specific message ‘bubble-up’ rate using GE Metermate™ software. With selectable values of 6, 15 and 30 seconds, and a transmission range of up to 2.5 miles or more based on topography, the endpoint can be configured to work in low, medium and high density mobile and fixed network environments. Utilities will also be able to specify between two types of module compatible with several off-site data collection systems.