High-speed automatic CT test system reduces test costs


Optimized Devices, Inc. announces the availability of the model CT-4000 automatic current transformer test system for high-speed automatic CT testing. Model CT-4000 saves test costs and assures transformer quality. The computer controls all tests and makes all pass/fail decisions, reducing test time and cost and eliminating operator errors.

Model CT-4000 features a solid state, high-speed, low distortion primary current generator. This advanced technique greatly reduces distortion, jitter and heating effects that can limit conventional CT test system accuracy. The result is a new standard for test speed and accuracy.

The simplicity of use, fast set-up, easy change fixture and simple test program preparation make Model CT-4000 ideal for testing single CTs as well as large runs. Program preparation is simplified by the use of standard test statements and sample programs. No special computer training is required. Software is available for test certificate generation, test data archiving to disk. Tests meet ANSI and IEC requirements.

Stored test programs specify test current, test level, burden and test limits for RCF and phase. Test programs are easily generated or modified for preliminary and final test versions.

A typical test sequence using stored test programs involves the following steps:

  1. The operator keys in the part number to be tested.
  2. The computer extracts test set-up data and advises the operator of the correct connection.
  3. The operator sets CT in place or connects the secondary.
  4. The operator presses the START key or switch.
  5. All tests are performed automatically at high speed. Each measurement value is compared to limits. Test result data is displayed at the video monitor or printer with an overall pass/fail result. The entire automatic test sequence takes about two seconds.

In the auto-ranging mode the operator connects the CT and enters the burden value. Model CT-4000 will then determine the correct primary current to provide 5 amp secondary current. RCF and phase are then automatically measured and displayed.
Model CT-4000 is a complete turnkey test system. The programmable primary current generator, CR test fixture, burdens, internal reference standards, precision current comparator, high-speed readout system and software for testing, programming, data logging, calibration and maintenance are all included. The system uses a Pentium III computer, and a technical manual is provided with full schematics.