Hillary Clinton’s plan to democratise broadband by 2020

Under her new proposed plan, Hillary Clinton wants all US citizens to have broadband by 2020
Under her new proposed plan, Hillary Clinton wants all US citizens to have broadband by 2020

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has unveiled a five-year infrastructure plan to invest US$275 billion to upgrade US infrastructure, with a core focus on expanding faster broadband connections to millions of US citizens.

According to a US news source, Ms Clinton is seeking to “invest in the technology of the future and embrace the Internet of Things” towards creating smart cities that will be fit for connected citizens, businesses and services, including free Wi-Fi.

The US politician’s vision looks to bolster public infrastructure – roads and bridges, public transit, freight rail, airports, broadband Internet and water systems.

The US$275 million infrastructure upgrade proposal is reported to be the “most expensive domestic policy proposal she’s made to date.”

Broadband for all

Clinton’s plan largely surrounds the extension and improvement of high speed broadband connectivity. Her plan states: “High-speed internet access is not a luxury; it is a necessity for equal opportunity and social mobility in a 21st century economy.

She believes these networks are  “essential platforms” that will support connected devices, smart factories, and automated cars and that these have “enormous potential to drive economic growth and improve people’s lives.”

As to how the plan will be funded, Clinton stated that the cash could be raised through business tax reform.

In a preview of the plan in Boston, US, Clinton stressed: “Investing in infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive across the board. It cuts costs for families and businesses. It spurs more private investment. It boosts wages up and down the supply chain and throughout the economy.

“To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today. I want our cities to be in the forefront of cities anywhere in the world.

“I want our workers to be the most competitive and productive in the world. I want us, once again, to think big and look up, beyond the horizon of what is possible in America.”