Hitachi Data Systems expands into IoT and smart cities

Hitachi Data Systems smart cities
Although growing its base in Asia, Hitachi Data Systems is also engaged in UK projects. The company is part of the UK’s Intercity Express Programme, a large-scale railway project, says Forbes

Global energy storage and software company Hitachi Data Systems is expanding its business into the smart city, Internet of Things and analytics sectors through a series of acquisitions.

Over the past two years, Hitachi Data Systems has bought out several companies including Avrio and Pantascene.

The companies’ solutions form a new public safety group within Hitachi Data Systems with a mission to make safer, smarter, more efficient cities.

Hitachi Data Systems also purchased oXya, an expert in SAP technical services and hosting solutions that assists midsize and global organizations increase the efficiency and flexibility of their SAP infrastructure and support operations.

Its latest acquisition is data integration and business analytics company Pentaho.

Opportunity in APAC

According to Forbes, Hitachi Data Systems is seeking to partner with various government agencies in Asia Pacific to drive smart city development.

Forbes adds that its acquisitions have “augmented Hitachi Data System’s technology stack to handle the emerging trends of [Internet of Things] IoT and analytics.”

Adrian De Luca, chief technical officer for the APAC region at Hitachi Data Systems, believes that there is a US$20 billion opportunity in the smart city segment just within the APAC region.

He stated that “social innovation is more than making the urban communities smarter – it is the convergence of telecommunication, transportation, energy generation, healthcare, public safety, IT operations, and buildings and construction industry.”

Hitachi Data Systems smart city activity

Apart from its acquisitions, Hitachi Data Systems is involved in smart city developments, including the Indian government’s Smart City Mission and MyGov – a citizen-centric platform to bring the citizens closer to the Government.

In the Indian state of Gujarat, the company has been analysing the impact of carbon emissions and water quality on citizens’ quality of life.

The company is also reportedly working with 22 states in India implementing various projects and part of many projects including the e-Procure, e-courts, and Central Crime Research.

Meanwhile, parent company Hitachi is working on desalination plants in Chennai and the Delhi-Mumbai infrastructure corridor.