Home energy management system and new smart appliances from LG


Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 13, 2012 – Home appliance manufacturer LG has introduced a home energy management system (HeMS) along with a new range of smart appliances.

The HeMS is described by LG as “an ultra-intelligent companion to the smart grid technology that helps manage smart appliances, lighting and HVAC in a more power efficient manner.” Through a smart meter, the HeMS collects energy usage data throughout a home, which can be viewed on a PC or smartphone. The HeMS also suggests ways through which overall energy consumption can be reduced.

The new range of smart appliances include a refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and oven, all with a range of smart features. All are centered on the company’s proprietary Smart ThinQ™ technology, which combines device-to-device connectivity features and the HeMS.

“LG’s direction in smart appliance development has been in pursuing technological advancements that will make consumers’ lives more convenient and ultimately upgrade their quality of life,” said Moon-bum Shin, CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “Device-to-device connectivity with smartphones and among LG appliances is a new and exciting way for us to realize this goal.”

Smart ThinQ™ comprises Smart Manager, Smart Diagnosis™, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Grid.

For example, with Smart Manager the refrigerator offers a complete food management system. Via the refrigerator’s LCD panel or a smartphone food items stored inside can be checked, as well as their location and expiration date, and dishes that can be cooked with these can be recommended. Further, with Smart Shopping, online grocery shopping may be done from the refrigerator’s LCD panel or smartphone.

Smart Access enables users to check the status of their appliances via smartphone, regardless of their location. For example, a consumer could check the status of food items in the refrigerator while out in the grocery store, or check – and if they wish, change – the stage of a washing cycle on the washing machine.

Smart Diagnosis™ is aimed to help customer service representatives to troubleshoot mechanical issues. The “Smart Diagnosis™” button triggers a series of signals that the service center uses to determine faults and errors and whether a service call is required.

The new refrigerator and washing machine are also smart grid ready. As local utility companies begin offering time-based rates, the refrigerator, for example, will be able to automatically readjust its temperature and function settings to take advantage of optimum energy rates. In addition a “Night Saving Mode” reduces energy consumption for up to four hours at nighttime and a “Customize Saving Mode” lowers energy use during periods pre-set by the user.

The LG Smart HOM-BOT is a remotely controlled vacuum cleaner that uses the Smart Access feature to allow users to start and steer the appliance, and monitor its progress, from remote locations – much like a remote control car. The HOM-BOT has a camera eye for navigation and a learning algorithm memorizes mapping information to calculate optimal paths for future cleaning sessions.

With the oven, Smart Access enables users to monitor cooking settings, such as time and temperature, via their mobile device. With Smart Adapt, cooking time information can be sent by smartphone directly to the oven. Smart Diagnosis™ makes it easy to diagnose simple problems, using a smartphone application or through direct contact with the customer service center.