Home energy monitoring tool unveiled by HP


San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 30, 2011 – HP has become the latest IT company to enter the home energy management arena, with the unveiling of a proof of concept of a “home energy intelligence service.”

The service, from the company’s central research facility HP Labs, includes a tool that uses sensors and HP gateways throughout the home to track energy consumption by room and by appliance. The information is viewed on an online interface or via a mobile phone, and includes 3-D rectangular icons that represent the rooms or appliances that are color coded – green, blue, yellow or red – according to their energy usage.

The tool also offers homeowners energy reduction tips and enables electrical use data to be viewed alongside other resources, such as water and gas.

Few details are available as yet of the system, which has been under test in the homes of company employees in the Bay Area over the past year.

According to a company blog, “The team’s goal is to turn the discovery of a home’s current usage patterns into a compelling experience that leads to energy savings with an aggressive payback for the investment.”