Alabama utility upgrades SCADA technology


According to a statement, the SCADA technology will help the Alabama (US) municipal utility to improve its services to some 180,000 electric consumers, 51,000 gas customers and 93,000 water customers.

The project falls under an ongoing programme to modernise the utility’s distribution networks through the adoption of smart grid technologies and innovative business models.

Manuel Nin, the communications supervisor at Huntsville Utilities, said: “This was our biggest upgrade in 30 years. With workers at three different utilities, plus contractors, the IT department, and the management of each utility, a significant amount of coordination was required. From start to finish, the SCADA changeover took about 6 months to complete.”

Steve Mueller, CEO at Survalent, added: “Our modular SurvalentONE ADMS platform has given them the tools and flexibility they need to realise their smart-grid vision in manageable stages, while at the same time maximising operational efficiency with a single control system for electricity, gas and water.”

Functions of SCADA technology

According to the solutions provider, the new SCADA system is fast in data processing and telemetry compared to a previous system which Huntsville Utilities was utilising.

The new SCADA technology provides Huntsville Utilities with additional functionalities including a backup of online database edits, which the previous SCADA system did not have.

[quote] In addition to integrating the system with the utility’s networks, Survalent provided training on how to manage the system for Huntsville Utilities grid operators, dispatchers and engineers.

With the technology, grid operators are able to monitor events within the utility’s distribution networks via an online dashboard or using mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The advanced distribution management system provider claims its SCADA technology enable field crews to create reports or network diagrams using Windows-based applications including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint integrated with the system.

The system is an open-standard and will allow Huntsville Utilities to convert the system into a GIS-based connectivity model and integrate with multiple advanced distribution management systems to improve load flow management, Volt/VAR optimisation and outage management.


Image credit: 123rf.