Hybrid AMR system introduced


Toronto, Canada and Plano, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 26, 2007 – A new hybrid automated meter reading system capable of reading water, gas and electric meters via handheld, mobile and full mesh network collection platforms from the same endpoint was launched at the America Water Works Association Conference being held in Toronto. MOSAIC™ by Datamatic Ltd., a supplier of flexible data collection solutions, is the industry’s first universally-compatible AMR system.

“With MOSAIC, Datamatic has broken down several barriers that have existed since AMR’s inception,” said Ken Kercher, CEO of Datamatic. “There’s no question that walk-by and mobile AMR systems have revolutionized utility data collection. Until now, it’s been either technically or economically infeasible to migrate those systems to fixed-based platforms. MOSAIC has changed all of that. It’s a true hybrid solution, able to move seamlessly from walk-by/mobile to a full mesh network without changing the installed MOSAIC-class FIREFLY endpoint.”

“MOSAIC’s flexibility is particularly valuable during deployment,” stated Joe Bridges, Datamatic Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “During system implementation, which utilities often choose to spread over several years, customers can find themselves reading routes that contain a mixture of manual, ‘touch’ and automated meters. MOSAIC allows FF-equipped meters to be read via radio frequency with a mobile receiver or the same handheld computer used to read remaining manual and touch meters. Meters can be mesh network-enabled at any time, without changing the FIREFLY. MOSAIC’s hybrid approach makes for the smoothest possible transition between reading methods.”

When the utility is ready for full network operations, MOSAIC gateways are installed and connected to a CDMA, GPRS, WiFi, POTS or Ethernet data backhaul.

When MOSAIC is operating as a mesh network, it is self-configuring and self-healing. MOSAIC is designed to reroute around issues, compensate and deliver the utility’s data, all without user intervention.