Hydro One launches new interactive customer website


Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — November 27, 2009 – Hydro One has announced the launch of a new user-friendly interactive website, making it easy for customers to track power outages, manage residential and business accounts and search for electricity related information.

Using state-of-the-art mapping technology a powerful new outage mapping system is available on the site. With the click of a mouse and zoom-in and zoom-out capability, people can now pinpoint with a greater degree of accuracy the location of an outage; the number of customers affected; and the current estimated time of power restoration.

People will now also be able to track an outage by typing in a street address or city. In addition to these features, a hard-hat icon will appear on the map indicating that a Hydro One crew has been dispatched to undertake power restoration work or to conduct work in support of improved power reliability.

In addition to improving its power outage mapping system, the company has overhauled and substantially improved site navigation so that customers and media can more easily find information on topics such as smart meters, how to save energy, and how to connect a renewable energy project.