Hydro Ottawa introduces summer savings program for residential customers


Rosemarie T. Leclair,
President & CEO,
Hydro Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — June 25, 2007 – Canadian utility Hydro Ottawa – the second largest municipal electric utility in the province, with 282,000 customers – is introducing a new electricity conservation program this summer that will save customers money, benefit the environment and help to avoid summer electricity shortages. The program has the support of the Ontario Power Authority and recognizes that lowering peak demand for electricity helps reduce the impact of power generation on the environment.

The Summer Savings program will reward eligible residential customers who reduce electricity usage by 10 per cent from July 1 – August 31 with an additional 10% credit on a future electricity bill.

“Summer is peak electricity demand season, largely because of the use of air conditioners,” said Rosemarie T. Leclair, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa. “We want to help our customers to save money and protect our environment by reducing their electricity use. Our message to our customers is, if you can reduce your electricity use by 10%, we’ll double your savings by providing an additional 10% credit on a future electricity bill.”

Eligible Hydro Ottawa residential customers do not have to sign up for the program – they simply have to reduce their electricity usage by 10 per cent this July and August compared to the same months last year and normalized for weather differences, in order to qualify for the credit. Hydro Ottawa will track each customer’s usage and automatically reward those who reduce usage by 10 per cent.

Hydro Ottawa’s Summer Savings program will also include a public information campaign showing customers how easy it can be to save electricity. Suggestions include raising air conditioner temperatures a few degrees, hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer, and taking advantage of the conservation programs and measures offered by Hydro Ottawa.