IBM tests Enoro data platform that handles 10m meters


Energy data management software provider Enoro is lauding the performance results of its GENERIS platform, which was found to handle 10 million metering points and more during tests carried out with IBM.

Scandinavian company Enoro and IBM jointly executed a series of tests to measure the scalability and performance of the platform, which provides software solutions to core energy business functions such as smart meter data management, billing, and meter asset management.

Four test cases – on meter data import, settlement calculation, time series data export, and B2B message generation – were run on several server configurations to test scalability.

Enoro reports that in the settlement calculation test, the system handled more than 10 million meter data values per second.

The results show that the complete daily meter data management and settlement process – from first meter data import to final market message export – requires less than eight hours, leaving an energy company with 10 million end customers sufficient time to finalise daily processes during business hours.

Sami Niemelä, vice president of products and development, said one of the most important goals of the testing was to confirm the platform’s scalability.

Mr Niemelä said: “The really exciting thing about the test results is that we don’t even yet know where the limit is, because horizontal scalability on the application servers worked so well that the database server in the test became a bottleneck.

“The results for 10 million metering points were achieved using 4 z-architecture processors, and the system scales to 13.

“Thus we are confident that GENERIS will scale up to much larger data volumes and higher throughput by using appropriate server configurations.”

The tests, which took place at the IBM test center in Montpellier, France at the end of 2013, were run using an IBM zBC12 server with 2 or 4 CPUs (Linux on IFLs) as a database server.

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