US utility implements new software to manage water distribution


In a press statement, IDModelling said it is deploying its smart water solution, Sedaru Smart Ops, to assist RWA improve its water distribution services.

The California-based solutions provider claims its technology uses its data analytics capabilities to provide utility companies with real-time insights on how their water distribution networks operate.

This in-turn, will help the utility identify water leakages sooner.

RWA said it selected IDModelling’s smart water solution to reduce its water distribution loss, energy spend and cost of operations.

[quote] Tony Delvecchio, Director of Water Distribution and Operations at RWA, said: “The Sedaru software is intuitive enough for our operators, and powerful enough to help improve our bottom line.”

Sree Sreedhar, CTO at IDModeling, added that the technology “… not only meets IT requirements, but addresses a significant business case for utility operators and engineers to see both facilities and the distribution system with real-time and predictive insights to empower solutions for the historic challenges facing water utilities in the 21st century.”

RWA serves 430,000 consumers in the US state of Connecticut.

Water distribution network management

Water utilities in North America are increasingly relying on data analytics technologies to access real-time data regarding the status of their water distribution networks.

Moreover, water companies are employing smart water meters to accurately bill their customers and help them implement water efficiency behaviours.

In early October, Canadian utility Halifax Water secured approval from the Novia Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) to upgrade its water meters.

The water treatment and distribution firm will implement a $25.4 million project to replace existing analogue water meters with automated water metering systems as from early 2017 through to 2021.

However, the utility’s smart meter project will begin with installation of the new metering technology to a few hundred customers of Halifax Water.

Halifax Water said it will expand the project to equip all its customers with smart meters.

The smart water meters are expected to help the firm improve management of its water distribution network, optimise its operations and improve its customer service and revenue collection. [Smart meters to dominate global smart water networks market]

The project will allow Halifax Water to reduce its operational expenses incurred in implementing door-to-door meter readings.


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