US-based technology organisation IEEE has launched the Indian Low-Voltage DC (LVDC) Forum to drive the reduction of electricity demand in the populous nation, as well as create a platform for policymakers and regulators and to demonstrate projects and evolve LVDC standards.

The LVDC Forum will focus on products, systems and solutions up to 1100V DC.

Activities will aim to drive down electricity demand by a combination of DC-based domestic appliances, minimizing AC-DC conversions, and judicious application of LVDC power distribution.

Mustafa Wajid, chair of the LVDC Forum, said: “LVDC has the potential to transform lives by helping millions of people gain access to electricity.

“The environmental and sustainability impact of LVDC looms large, as its application could help significantly accelerate the use of renewable energy.”

As part of the initiative, the LVDC Forum has partnered with the India Smart Grid Forum, a public-private partnership of the Ministry of Power and Government of India for accelerated development of smart grid technologies in the Indian power sector.

Chance to join

More than 30 global technology manufacturers and suppliers, research organisations, academic institutions, industry consortia and government agencies have joined the LVDC Forum.

Sri Chandra, senior standards manager for IEEE Standards Association, said: “We encourage all LVDC stakeholders to join the forum to support the initiative and participate in its working groups.

“We expect that LVDC can play an essential role in helping governments, industry and societies meet the rapidly increasing needs for energy, but with more efficient ‘green attributes’.”

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