IEEE to revise 1815 distributed network protocol standard


Piscataway, NJ, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 8, 2011 – The IEEE has announced that work has begun on revisions to Secure Authentication (SA) protocols contained in its IEEE 1815(TM) Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) standard.

The SA Version 5 revisions are aimed to help bolster overall security for data information gathering, exchange, and use in applications like supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. With the rising frequency and intensity of cyber attacks, SA Version 5 aims to address and help mitigate digital security hazards to essential infrastructures across the power and energy, water, smart grid, and other process automation industries.
“As the rate of bolder, more sophisticated cyber attacks continues to spiral upward, ensuring data integrity and security has become increasingly challenging,” commented H. Lee Smith, chair of the IEEE 1815 Working Group and president, DNP Users Group. “By delivering robust security protocols that are attuned to both existing and emerging threats, SA Version 5 will help minimize risk while ensuring the continued efficient and safe operation of vital infrastructures.”

The IEEE 1815 DNP3 standard is a robust, multi-layered framework for achieving greater device interoperability. Developed collaboratively by IEEE and the DNP Users Group, the standard has emerged as a fundamental element in a growing number of global smart grid deployments by facilitating seamless interaction and secure two-way communications between diverse systems and devices.
The SA Version 5 revisions are intended to strengthen and enhance the standard’s ability to unambiguously determine whether access to data and internal systems has been authorized.

SA Version 5 will have a staggered rollout, beginning with the DNP community in November 2011, followed by IEEE users in January 2012, and will be fully incorporated into the published version of IEEE 1815 in 2012.