Energy storage project unlocks ancillary services for IESO


The battery energy storage system is claimed to be the first utility-scale energy storage plant in the province. The system was built by EPAL, Deltro Energy and Leclanche at a total cost of $25 million. The project will help IESO to improve management of energy capacity generated by distributed energy resources, increased integration with the main grid over the past three years.

The use of the plant is expected to help consumer energy bills affordable due to the use of cheaper and cleaner energy generation resources. Moreover, utilities including Ontario Power, connected to IESO’s energy transmission network, will be able to meet peak demand.

The energy storage plant will be owned by Switzerland-based energy storage systems provider Leclanche. The plant is being developed using technical recommendations provided by EPAL, a joint venture of the Energy Efficiency Services Limited with UK infrastructure and investment advisory EnergyPro.

Clean energy business model

The formation of EPAL falls under commitments by India to increase its focus on energy efficiency and clean energy both locally and at a global scale.

The Indian government set a target to achieve 175GW of energy from renewable energy resources, 40% of the country’s total energy demand by 2022.

To date, India generates 12% of its energy from clean sources. As the country expands its clean energy portfolio, battery energy storage and ancillary systems will play a critical role in stabilising the grid.

This will in turn help increase the adoption of electric vehicles through adequate supply of energy to EV charging stations. India has plans to have 100% of all vehicles on the road electric by 2030.

The use of ancillary services according to a statement will help India reduce substantial unscheduled interchange charges which are roughly $461.5 million per annum.

Ambassador Mr. Dinesh K. Patnaik, Acting High Commissioner of India to UK, said, “This partnership marks the beginning of a significant development in the energy efficiency sector. With the ever-increasing energy consumption, technologies like battery storage will go hand in hand with efficiency to balance supply and demand. I am very hopeful that EPAL, with its excellent track record in driving the UJALA (UK Joins Affordable LEDs for All) initiative, will bring a revolution in the market with its advancement into battery storage projects.”

Mr Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, EESL, and Chairman of subsidiary EPAL, added, “We are delighted to partner with Leclanché. It has been our constant endeavor to make future-ready technology solutions accessible. With a focus on long, low-carbon initiatives globally, we have partnered with the world’s leading battery storage solution provider. We are confident that this partnership will help bring a new era of clean energy solutions for the world.”