iiDEAS operational data management solution and new wins for Aclara


The iiDEAS operational data management solution has been introduced by Aclara, along with announcements of new industry wins for the company’s electric and water AMI and data management solutions.

The iiDEAS solution is aimed to streamline utility business processes in operations, customer support, and meter data management. It combines and unifies data from multiple data sources, including advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, legacy advanced meter reading (AMR) and manual read systems, as well as back-office systems including those for CIS/billing, GIS, and asset management.

The iiDEAS solution supports all Aclara AMI networks and, with the use of available adapter packages, a number of third party AMR and AMI networks – thereby easing the transition from older technology to Aclara, and enabling hybrid AMI solutions that achieve 100% service area coverage seamlessly. Adapters for many popular CIS/billing applications reduce risk, implementation time, and cost for most deployments.

The iiDEAS solution supports current web browsers, and offers utility customizable menus, dashboards, schedules, and validation, estimation, and editing (VEE) rules. To support a mobile workforce text and email alerts are offered via a flexible subscription system. Other powerful visual features include advanced charting, GIS integration (mapping), and one-click desktop integration. Reports and graphs displayed in the browser are easily exported to desktop spreadsheets.

Aclara has also announced several new industry wins. These include:

  • Six rural electric cooperatives, comprising nearly 64,000 end points, are to use the eTWACS advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology
  • Two municipalities reaching more than 18,000 (water) end points are to use the STAR Network AMI solution
  • An investor-owned utility is to use Aclara’s Asset Data Management solution as a repository to track nearly four million new and existing end points.