Illinois community reaches nearly $1m in electricity cost savings


With the municipal energy aggregation programme, the Village of Godfrey and several other municipalities in Madison County, procured electricity from a certified alternative retail energy supplier and secured lower electricity rates for participants.

In addition, the village of Godfrey enjoyed a total savings of $750,000 the first year with the energy aggregation programme.  Quoted electricity rates would not fluctuate, maintaining a fixed rate for multiple years, rather than the annual rate changes under utility supply. Good Energy also assisted communities navigate through complicated state and local requirements and remain compliant with state and local requirements.

Residents are able to enjoy reduced energy cost — with a programme that also initiates a conversation about renewable energy and conservation.

According to a release, Godfrey was one of the first communities to go 100% green, offsetting their community’s electricity usage with RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). This type of energy product helps renewable sources in the region to thrive and develops increased resiliency on the grid.

E.ON expands clean energy portfolio in Illinois

In other news, German utility company E.ON announced that its US subsidiary has kickstarted a clean energy project in the state of Illinois.

In a press statement, the firm said its Chicago based division started the installation of 278MW wind farm in Macon County.

The project falls under the company’s efforts to increase its renewable energy portfolio.

The completion of the wind farm by the end of 2017 will increase the firm’s wind energy portfolio in Illinois to 578MW. The firm is currently operating 3.1GW of renewable energy sourced from solar and wind in the whole of the US.

The wind farm is E.ON’s third wind energy generating plant in the US state and is expected to power more than 180,000 Illinois homes.

Furthermore, in late July, E.ON Climate and Renewables North America signed a deal with Tucson Electric Power to provide frequency response and voltage control from a grid-scale storage facility.
The 10MW battery energy storage facility with a 2MW solar array will be located adjacent to the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park southeast of Tucson. [E.ON expands clean energy portfolio in Illinois]