Indiana opts for AMR

Andreson City, Indiana

Indiana, USA – (METERING.COM) — July 6, 2006 – In a move that has local utility workers union up in arms, the city of Indiana is intending to phase out all meter readers and implement a city-wide automatic meter reading (AMR) system.

The new system, which is expected to save the city around $17 million, will allow for quicker disaster recovery, greater accuracy and an improved customer service. The new installation will take phased in according to customer groups, or “books”, and has been awarded to Wisconsin-based Johnson Controls Inc.

The cost for the project will fall entirely on the city as a loan will be taken to pay for the project and the estimated savings used to pay it off. Commenting on the decision, Anderson Water Superintendent Tom Brewer said: “We put a man on the moon, and we’re still writing down meter readings with (the electronic version of) notebooks.”