US utility expands DER services for industrial customers


The two will increase deployment of a resilient, cleaner and cost-effective distributed energy platform for commercial and industrial consumers in northeast US.

NRG says the platform will help customers to become smart energy consumers by improving their energy efficiency and carbon footprint.

The solution provider claims that the platform will help reduce consumer energy costs by 15%. In addition, the system helps reduce stress on the main grid.

The platform comprise of Cummins’ low-carbon energy generators and the utility’s distributed energy generation resources.

Norbert Nusterer, President – Power Systems Business, Cummins Inc, said: “Reliable power remains critical in the overall distributed energy equation, and this model leverages Cummins’ expertise in making power generation equipment for the most harsh and demanding of operating conditions.”

Robert Gaudette, President of NRG Business Solutions, added: “Cummins and NRG have a shared vision to use new technologies, like this platform, to provide customers with reliable power and help navigate the increasingly complex energy market.

“This is just one example of how we can continue to optimize new and existing energy technologies so customers can use less, and pay less, for electricity. The power producer of tomorrow will do more than just move electrons; it will direct them where needed most – with measurable benefits for the customer, the grid and the environment.”

Services for commercial and industrial consumers

The news follows Adon Renewables selecting Powin Energy to equip some seven commercial facilities in Hawaii with energy storage systems.

Powin Energy will provide, install and integrate its energy storage battery pack Stack 140 with onsite solar panels at the seven facilities owned by the Adon Renewables’ commercial customers. Read more…

In California, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) signed an energy efficiency contract with GridPoint.

GridPoint will use its technologies to help small and medium-sized commercial customers of SMUD to reduce their energy usage and costs. Read more…


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