Industry’s first ZigBee-compliant end-to-end EMS

Boulder, CO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 28, 2007 – The first public demonstration of Tendril’s residential energy management system (EMS) will take place at AMRA’s Autovation 2007 show next week. Tendril is a provider of network management software for building, deploying and managing ZigBee® applications.

The company’s residential EMS provides a turnkey system for utilities and energy providers to implement direct load control, demand response systems, and consumer communication functionality in their service areas. The system is comprised of an open software platform linking ZigBee-enabled consumer devices, such as smart thermostats and smart outlets, and a consumer energy management portal, with interfaces to ZigBee-enabled advanced meters and utility back-office integration software. The Tendril EMS contains a variety of different in-home devices to allow consumers of all types to manage their energy consumption, and it is also interoperable with other third party ZigBee-compliant smart devices.

The Tendril EMS helps utilities and energy providers achieve greater operational efficiency through visibility into consumer consumption patterns and improved grid reliability through direct load control programs which enable peak demand management.

The Tendril EMS also benefits consumers by allowing people to control, modify and manage their consumption of electricity for the first time via an energy management portal accessible from the utility provider’s website. Consumers can also compare their consumption with a larger group of related consumers located in their neighborhood, zip code, or municipality to help with energy management. Implementations with the Tendril EMS will enable utility companies to provide consumers with easy-to-use tools that allow them to manage their energy consumption and interact more easily with their utility providers.

“Utilities and energy providers have shown strong interest in our solution, and we’re working with several to finalize our plans for initial roll-outs later this year” said Adrian Tuck, Tendril CEO. “We’re excited to offer our utility partners the ability to customize and private label our solution, and dramatically reduce their time-to-market by working with Tendril.”

The Tendril EMS is built upon the Tendril Network Operating Platform. This enterprise-class software platform utilizes the ZigBee standard and the ‘alpha’ version of the ZigBee AMI Profile. Its open architecture provides published APIs for easy integration with back-office enterprise systems and supports multiple WAN technologies.

Based on its flexible design, Tendril EMS is capable of supporting different consumer types including those who have no thermostat in the home as well as homes with smart thermostats and broadband. Product capabilities include load modeling, fault/fraud detection, and consumer benchmarking. Additionally, the Tendril EMS allows utilities to manage the secure registration of in-home devices where applicable and model the likely effect of load control or pricing actions. The system can gather consumer information based on access and usage, allowing utility companies to better anticipate energy requirements and purchases.

In supporting the open standards approach, the Tendril EMS has been designed to interface with other open systems including OpenWay™ by Itron and the Itron OpenWay CENTRON® meter. Tendril is targeting initial deployments to operate with OpenWay by Itron. These first Tendril EMS in-home roll-outs are currently being planned for late Q4 2007 or early Q1 2008.

"We are very pleased to see this progress in developing open ZigBee-based AMI solutions,” said Ed May, Itron’s Director of Business Development and ZigBee Alliance board member. “Tendril is clearly demonstrating exactly what AMI can mean for utilities and consumers, empowering consumers to actively and frequently participate in demand response and energy conservation.”