Innovation Awards for EverBlu and WaterMind solutions


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — (METERING.COM) — June 22, 2009 – Silver and bronze Innovation Awards were awarded to Itron, Inc. at the Malaysian Water Exhibition for its EverBlu and WaterMind solutions.

The EverBlu solution was recognized for its forward looking architecture, designed to meet the requirements of the new Malaysian water reform, introduced in 2008. This reform imposes that the water utilities directly supply and bill consumers in condominiums and apartments that were previously managed by individual companies. To carry out this additional task, water utilities need an adapted meter data collection system. EverBlu answers this challenge by facilitating regular generation of bills based on actual meter reading, not estimates, and offers direct management of household customers located in collective buildings.
WaterMind was rewarded for its ability to contribute to optimal water conservation through intelligent analysis of meters with a pulse output. This is an authentic innovative feature not previously available in standard data logging applications. The WaterMind analyzer permanently audits the water meters and transmits every day consumption data to the WaterMind supervision software that interprets data and enables the water utility to assess and solve water losses. Malaysia is spending RMB1 billion (about US$145 million) in addressing water losses, with a target to reduce losses at a national level from 37 percent to 25 percent.

The awards recognize individuals and organizations for their research and development for the water industry.