Innovative behavioral demand response offering from Opower


Roderick Morris,
SVP of Marketing
and Operations,
Arlington, VA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2013 – A new behavioral demand response (BDR) solution enabling utilities to cost effectively engage all residential customers in demand response programs has been introduced by Opower.

Whereas traditional demand response programs rely on devices in customers’ homes, Opower’s solution leverages AMI data to deliver personalized insights to each customer through their communication channel of choice, and motivates them to reduce usage during times of peak power demand, such as hot days when air conditioner use is high.

“These latest enhancements to our platform take Opower’s SaaS-based engagement approach to the demand response market, where we look forward to assisting utility partners around the world,” commented Roderick Morris, SVP of Marketing and Operations at Opower.
Through the course of the first deployment, Opower will deliver 40 million pre- and post-event communications. Further, Opower BDR allows each utility to test hundreds of combinations of content and channel across key customer segments, optimizing communications to improve savings impact over time. All communications will be delivered to customers in near real-time in order to maximize awareness and motivation.
Opower BDR enables utilities to meet multiple objectives. Utilities can deploy BDR as a standalone solution to deliver cost effective demand response at scale without devices or couple the solution with existing direct load control programs to increase customer participation. Utilities can also use the solution to improve the performance of existing dynamic pricing programs.