Installation includes live meter reads generated from designated meters


Valencia, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 15, 2008 – ConectiSys Corporation, a developer of automatic meter reading technologies, will install by retrofit its new H-NET™ 6.0 wireless automatic meter reading technology at its project located in the Santa Clarita Valley in the City of Valencia, California. This installation includes live meter reads generated from designated meters. Data displays for this project are made available at the ConectiSys website.

The ConectiSys network operation center allows customers to view consumption of electric energy in fifteen minute intervals, and to iIdentify and analyze their electric energy usage patterns. They are also able to minimize their exposure to excessive time of use electric rates, resulting in lower energy costs, and conserve their usage of electric energy through awareness of daily, weekly and monthly patterns of use. ConectiSys technology enables its customers to receive real time electric energy consumption in a customer-friendly graphical format.

ConectiSys CEO Robert Spigno commented: “The Santa Clarita project is just the tip of the iceberg. Additional H-NET MeterSystems are scheduled for installation this month.”